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The Bill's brand

Because every day is different!

Born in 2011 in Switzerland, when 2 friends decided to break the codes of the watch industry to create a range of interchangeable, playful and colorful watches . Since then, we have been spreading color to the four corners of the globe through our unique designs inspired by fashion trends.

Quality is at the center of attention from the beginning of each design process. Our main goal is to ensure that the next collection pushes the boundaries of originality.

Bill's in motion

Fashion Accessories

After more than 10 years spent bringing together a clientele in search of freshness and non-conformism, the Bill's team is extending its range to the fashion accessories world, while keeping the same state of mind: to let people express themselves and their colorful personality.

Because every day is different, combine the perfect accessories to suit your mood!

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Bill's Universes

Accessorize your life with an endless combination of possibilities! Every mood has its own Bill's.